The Mystery of Christ part 1

There is an End Time Army being raised up and it is called by several names... One of them is "The Christ Generation". This message introduces you to this "new thing" that The Lord is doing today!

The Overcomer Remnant!

Apostle Dupree brings us to the End Time Temple of Ezekiel and discover  the meaning of the Gates and how they relate to the End Time Army God is  raising up called The Remnant! 

You Can Do Exploits!

An End Time Message from Daniel 11:32

The Rise of The Remnant

This  is a timely Word of The Lord to the Church today! Apostles and Prophets  are releasing similar words all across the Country! It's time to Rise  Up! 

The John The Baptist Company

This is Revelatory Message about the People that The Lord is raising up in this End Time. A John the Baptist Company is rising up to "Prepare the Way" for Our Lord's Second Coming. They are going to walk in Dominion and Demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit!