About Me

I was raised in Long Island, NY and Saved in 1969. In the late '70's I planted two Churches in Long Island. I met my wife Giovanna in 1978 and we were married in 1979. 

Along with over 40 years of Pastoral experience, I also hold a  Doctoral  Degree in Biblical Studies. I taught at Pinecrest Bible Training Center which was founded by my late Spiritual Father, Dr. Wade E. Taylor. He consecrated me as a Bishop and Apostle in the late 1990’s.

Over the years I have served on several Apostolic Councils and most recently, I was the Senior Administrator of the US Coalition of Apostolic Leaders from its inception until Dec. 2019. 

Currently, I've authored 5 books which are available in print and Kindle format on Amazon and I speak regularly at other Churches in the NY/NJ Metro Region. 


My Home Church

Living Water Church in New Jersey

In 1979 I planted Living Water Church in North Arlington, NJ. The building was originally a Pentecostal Mission built only three years after the Azusa Street Revival that took place in 1906 where the Pentecostal movement was born. Therefore we hold the honor of being one of the oldest Pentecostal/Charismatic Church  buildings in America where the Gospel has been preached accompanied by "signs and wonders" for over 100 years!  

The emphasis of the Church has never changed during its entire history. We preach Jesus as Lord and Savior and the Baptism of The Holy Spirit with the evidences of Speaking in Tongues & Prophecy. Miracles, Healings and Prophecy are a part of the Spiritual Life of Living Water Church and prayer for all needs is offered at every service. We are focused on Preparing a People for the End Time Purposes of God!

Our Church services are marked with lively worship, and powerful preaching of the Word of God. You can visit the Church website here: 



My Ministry Network

Metro Apostolic Network

The Lord has called me to be a Bridge Builder Connecting and Uniting people who want to Impact and Shape Society. I founded Metro Apostolic Network in 2000. At Metro, we connect Apostolic Leaders, Mature Intercessors and Marketplace Leaders to create the “3 Fold Cord” of Relationships that the Bible says “is not easily broken” [Ecclesiastes 4:12]. 

The relationships we have strengthen each other so each member can function  more strategically and effectively accelerate the advancement of the Kingdom of God into every system and sphere of society.

We  are Leaders Influencing other Leaders bringing Alignment into the Body of Christ for The End Time Purposes of The Kingdom of God. We have branches in Pakistan and Kenya.

The Network holds a Monthly Video meeting for Leaders and you can find out more about that and the Network itself by visiting: www.MetroApostolic.com