Why Attend

Metro Apostolic Network

We meet on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month
70 So. 8 St. Newark, NJ 07107

Join us at one of our Monthly Gatekeepers Gathering

Why? Because there is a Crisis in Church Leadership!

  • 70% of pastors constantly fight depression
  • 50% of pastors’ marriages will end in divorce
  • 80% of pastors’ wives feel left out and unappreciated by the church members
  • 90% said the ministry was completely different than they thought it would be
  • 70% of pastors would leave the ministry if they could, but have no other way to make a living
  • 1,500 pastors leave the ministry each year due to moral failure, burnout, or contention in their church

If there was ever a time that Men and Women of God need each other it is NOW!

Metro Apostolic Network has multiplied to touch more Fivefold Ministers and Marketplace Leaders. Our Main Office is Metro North East located in Newark, NJ led by Apostle Frank Dupree, our Founder. Now we have a presence in the South East led by Apostle Nathan J. Culver.

Here is the Vision of Metro – South East

To create unity and synergy within the leadership of the body of Christ as an Apostolic Network. Our focus is to bridge the gap between church and marketplace leaders and transform culture so that we are able to impact the South East region which consists of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama for the glory of God.

Dr. Nathan J Culver

President, Culver International

[email protected]

Visit Apostle Culver’s personal website: www.nathanjculver.com

For Info about Metro Apostolic Network call us at: 844-64-SERVE

Apostolic Centers are going to help the Church shift from the “same old same old” into the new vibrant demonstration of “Doing Life Together” mentioned by King David in the Psalms: “How Good it is when brethren dwell in Unity”. I hope you will take the plunge and join us in either Newark, NJ or Brooklyn, NY and see what can happen when we look at what was once the original model of changing the world and ramp it up into the 21st Century!