Metro Apostolic Network has been serving The Body of Christ since 2000! We are active in the NY/NJ Metro Area and in Atlanta, GA. Each month we hold a Gatekeepers Gathering in Newark, NJ and more and more Ministers, Leaders and Intercessors have been steadily attending. We received a Prophetic Word in December of 2016 that caused us to create a conference that would help bring a Shift in the Church so it would permeate society and Advance God’s Kingdom. We saw this as a restoration of The Apostolic Mandate of the early Church being revived today.

Many are dissatisfied with the status quo of the Church because it is not following the Apostolic Pattern set forth by The Lord Jesus himself.

Most Pastors today center on the people and their needs and they continuously perform “bless me” services where they try to meet peoples’ “felt needs”. Pastors today feed the people to put on weight and make them feel satisfied rather than training them for Spiritual Warfare.

The shift that will bring the Body of Christ into a position of power where the Kingdom of God will advance into more segments of society is in following the Apostolic Mandate.

The Apostolic Mandate Shift

The Apostolic Leader must be Godward to get the vision and burden of the Lord rather than be wrapped up in finding out what the people feel is important. His primary concern must be to meet the root needs of people and not to try to satisfy their felt needs. Each Church Leadership Team must be Apostolic. It has to move from a “Maintenance Mentality” to an “Equipping Mentality”. This way, each believer is properly Discipled and Equipped for the work of the ministry that The Lord has called them to.

This signals the end of the “Top/Down one man show”. Church Members need to be encouraged to discover their purpose in life rather than to be lulled into lethargy being left in the pews with nothing to do except to give money.

The Apostolic Mandate creates a demand for believers to change their lifestyle from one of waiting until Jesus comes to one where they have a desire to become what they are capable of becoming and to do what they are capable of doing for the Kingdom of God… In this way they will fulfill the Words of Jesus: “Occupy until I come”. Each Apostolic Leader must develop the corporate identity of the Church so everyone moves forward in the same direction so the Kingdom of God, like yeast, penetrates every aspect of society lifting people into higher purposes. When this is done The Church operates as “The Ecclesia” and it rises up as the Army of God to storm the Gates of Hell and take back what the enemy has stolen from The Church.

 Join us Friday June 1 at 7pm and Saturday, June 2 at 1pm

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The Gathering II     –     “Lifted Up on the Wings of Eagles”

Frank Dupree
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