Praise, The Key to the City

Praise, The Key to the City

When A Great Dignitary Comes To Visit A City Or When Someone Performs An Act Of Heroism The Leaders Of The City, Usually The Mayor And The City Council Members Gather Together And Present To That Person The “Key To The City”. It Signifies That The Person Can Go Anywhere In The City And Be Welcome There and It “Opens Doors” For Them That Ordinary Citizens Cannot Get Opened.

When The Lord Calls His People To “Take The City” As He Has Here In The Metropolitan Area, He Gives Them The Ability To Do It. Spiritually, God Gives His People A “Key To The City”.

I Believe That Key Is One Of The “Keys Of The Kingdom” Jesus Spoke Of In Matthew 16:19 “And I Will Give Unto Thee The Keys Of The Kingdom Of Heaven: And Whatsoever Thou Shalt Bind On Earth Shall Be Bound In Heaven: And Whatsoever Thou Shalt Loose On Earth Shall Be Loosed In Heaven.”

Jesus Also Said That No One Can Spoil A Strong Man’s Goods Unless He First Binds The Strong Man. Well, Satan And His Demonic Powers Are The “Strong Man” Over The City And Before We Can “Spoil His Goods”, The People And Resources Of The City, We Have To Bind Him. The Answer To Binding Satan In This Instance I Believe Is In Using One Of The Keys Of The Kingdom, What The Bible Calls The “Key Of David”.

In Revelation 3:7 Jesus Says To John That He Has; “The Key Of David, He That Openeth, And No Man Shutteth; And Shutteth, And No Man Openeth”. In Order To Open Those Doors That Are Shut To Us We Need To Find The Right “Key”. The Key Of David Is That Key! Once The Church And It’s Ministries Truly Find Out About It And Use It Properly There Will Be No Door That Will Not Open.

There Are Too Many People Who Say Something Like This; “Well, You Know, We’re In The City And The Devil Just Owns It. It’s So Hard To Do Anything Here Because The Devil Is So Powerful Here And He Blocks Us All The Time.” That Kind Of Talk Produces Nothing But Failure, Guaranteed! In Order For Christians To Be Able To Believe That They Can Have The Victory In The City They Need To Believe That God Has Given Them The Key To Victory! Well, He Has You Know. It Says So In The Word Of God. We Can Go From One Level Of Faith To Another Level Of Faith If We Believe. We Can Go From Glory To Glory If We Believe. In Fact, All Things Are Possible To Him That Believeth!

I Want You And Your Church Or Ministry To Prosper And Take The City. So, Let Me Share With You Just What That Key Of David Is. It Is The Weapon Of Praise! It Is One Of The Mightiest Weapons In The Word. In Fact You May Have All The Other Weapons At Your Disposal Such As The Blood Of Jesus, Prayer And The Sword Of The Word Of God But If You Think You Can Accomplish Anything With Them Without Praising God And Using The Key Of David You’re Mistaken.

You See We Have To Fight The Good Fight Of Faith And Give Thanks In All Situations. Giving Thanks Means Praising God In Everything. Prayer Without Praise Is Powerless! Trying To Use The Sword Of The Word Without Praise Produces Nothing! The Blood Applied To A Situation Without Praising God For The Blood Cancels Out The Application. You See, If You Believe What You’re Doing Is Going To Produce Results You Praise God Right Away Not Just Later On. You Praise Him For The Victory Before You Have The Fight! That’s The Key Of David. David Praised God All The Time. He Wrote All Those Psalms Just To Praise God. In Those Psalms He Tells How Praise Works! In Psalms 149:6-9 David Says; “Let The High Praises Of God Be In Their Mouth, And A Two-Edged Sword In Their Hand; To Execute Vengeance Upon The Heathen, And Punishments Upon The People; To Bind Their Kings With Chains, And Their Nobles With Fetters Of Iron; To Execute Upon Them The Judgment Written: This Honor Have All His Saints. Praise Ye The Lord.”

When We Put Praise In Our Mouths We Take Up The Sword Of The Spirit In Our Hands And It Becomes A “Sharp, Two-Edged” Sword! Praise Puts The Devil And His Demons In Chains And Fetters And Through Praise We Execute God’s Judgment Upon Them. David Says That This Is An Honor That Only The Saints Have.

So, Praise Binds The Devil And His Demons Or As Jesus Put It; “The Strong Man”! And, Once He Is Bound You Can Enter In And Spoil His Goods Or “Take The City”! Make Praising God A Priority In Your Daily Life. Make Sure That Your Church Is A House Of Praise. If Your Church Or Ministry Seems To Be Captive And Going Nowhere Do What Paul And Silas Did At The Midnight Hour In The Philippian Jail, They Praised God Mightily! Do You Know What God Did? Well, The Bible Says That The Earth Is The Footstool Of The Lord And I Think That He Was So Blessed To Find Paul And Silas Praising Him That He Stood Up And Started To Stomp His Feet With Joy And The Earth Began To Shake And Then, Paul And Silas Were Set Free From Their Shackles As They Praised God! God Will Do The Same For You!

The Key Of David “Opens And No Man Shuts And Shuts And No Man Opens”. So Whether You Are Going In To “Take The City” Or You Need To Be Free From The Chains That Bind You And Your Ministry, You Need To Praise The Lord!


Frank Dupree
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