The Royal Priesthood

The Royal Priesthood

The New Testament says in Revelation 5:10 “He has made us Kings and Priests and we shall reign on the earth.” This is spoken by a specific group who are before the Throne of God. Ministers quote this and tell the Church that “We are all kings and priests before God”. There is truth in that but this is experienced by very few Christians today. We are called to be a “Royal Priesthood” (1 Peter 2:9) so I want to take a good look at this and see if we can indeed walk the walk!

In the Old Testament in Exodus 19:6 The Lord says: “And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.” It was God’s will in Moses day that Israel be a “kingdom of priests.” In that verse the word “kingdom” means “people who will rule” just as a king does.

So the Lord shows us in both the Old and the New Testament that He desires His people to be spiritual Kings and Priests. When we pray “Thy will be done” we need to understand that His will is for us to FUNCTION as “kings and priests” and not just say that we are kings and priests!

So, is everyone automatically a “king and priest” just because they have gotten saved? The answer to that is an emphatic NO! There is actually a “process” that a Believer must go through to be entitled to be a king and a priest!

In the Law it stipulates that although a man is born into a Priest’s family he cannot FUNCTION as a priest until he is 30 years old. Also, in Leviticus chapter 21 we are shown 12 “blemishes” that would actually disqualify a man from functioning as a Priest and offering the bread of God even if he was old enough. I want to take these truths and apply them to the New Testament and show you that believers are not kings and priests just because they are Born Again.

In Moses day these disqualifying blemishes pertained to their physical bodies. Since we are not Priests “in the natural” as they were, these disqualifying aspects do not pertain to our “natural lives” but to the “spiritual lives” of each believer.

If you read Leviticus chapter 21 you will see everything that I am talking about here.

The first prerequisite in The Word of God is that the Priest must be 30 years of age

This speaks of “Maturity” to us. Christ cannot be represented properly by immature people! Christians who are going to “offer the bread of God” or, as we should understand it today, Preach and Teach The Word of God, must be mature and handle the Word of God properly. For an immature person to represent The Lord and bring forth His Word to feed His people is a mockery of Ministry!

Much could be said about this but I think that it is truly self-explanatory and we don’t need to dwell on it.

The second prerequisite is that they had to take a virgin as their bride.

In Leviticus 21:15 it tells us that the Priest’s “seed” must not be profaned by entering into a harlot or a divorced woman. Today, we should interpret that to mean that the Seed of God’s Spoken Word must be planted into The Church and not a part of the “harlot system” of denominations.

This is a powerful truth and must be fully grasped and understood. The spiritual meaning of this is that anyone who would feed God’s people the Bread of Life which is the Word of God, must see how this pertains to The Church. True Spiritual Priests are not married to a “Denominational Bride”. They are not “one” with the “Harlot System” of “Man-made religion”. To truly Minister God’s Word a Man or Woman of God must “come out from among them…” Jesus did not set up a “denomination”. He built His Church! And, His Church is not “denominated” or “divided” up into different sections that emphasize one truth or another. In His Church “the Full Counsel of God” is preached and taught!

Please do not stop reading at this point and just say: “This is a very harsh word and seems to be a condemnation of denominations”. Jesus made some hard statements but they were important and had to be meditated on. So, let’s look at the subject of “divorce” in the Old Testament to gain a perspective on what I’m saying. God says in His Word that He hates divorce BUT Jesus tells us that God “tolerated” it because of “the hardness” of the people’s hearts. So, although divorce was not God’s Perfect Will, He did allow it and tolerated it.

In the same manner denominations are not God’s Perfect Will but He tolerates the denominational system of churches today and He does not condemn them.

I’m sure, just as I do, you know some very sincere Men and Women of God who are part of a denominational system today and they are able to preach and teach God’s Word and people lives are changed and people are blessed. Thank God for His Mercy and His Grace! As the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:18 (NKJV) no matter how Christ is preached “and in this I rejoice, yes, and will rejoice.” So, I too rejoice that Christ is preached in churches of all denominations.

But, God’s Perfect Will is that The “Seed of the Word of God” go into a pure bride; His Church. So, I want to encourage any Man of Woman of God who truly desires to see The Word of God, The Bread of Life, given to His people in a way that Glorifies Him the most to do what they need to do and distance themselves from the denominations of today and seek out a “pure bride” to bring God’s Word to.

Now, let’s move on to the 12 Blemishes that disqualified a man from functioning in the Office of the Priest and see what they mean to us today as Christians.

When the Word of God says that the Priest cannot have any “blemishes” it is referring to “Flaws in Character”.

Someone who represents The Lord must have strong moral character so they do not cause people to walk away from The Lord by their behavior. It should be their behavior that draws people to The Lord!

I am going to take the 12 Blemishes and share why they are “spiritual disqualifiers”

  1. Cannot be Blind      A Minister cannot be Spiritually Blind to the Truth in God’s Word but must be able to see it and share it! If not we will have “the blind leading the blind and both will fall into a ditch”.
  2. Cannot be Lame:       This means that a person must “walk the walk and not just talk the talk”. In Acts 3 the lame man wanted silver and gold. A Man of God that is overly concerned with silver and gold is lame. Some people want “deep truths” which tickle their ears but they don’t want to hear preaching that tells them to walk the walk of a sacrificed life.
  3. Cannot have a Flat Nose   This speaks of a lack of “Discernment”. In Genesis 27:27 we see that the Patriarch Isaac was deceived by Jacob because he could not discern one son from the other. This also applies to Ministers who are just interested in numbers. They don’t care what condition the people are in just as long as they give their money! Some are like “an old dog” who cannot distinguish friend from foe and just might bite anyone who gets near to them.
  4. Cannot have anything “Superfluous”: This is talking about people having 6 fingers or 6 toes or both! This is actually about people who are always focused on “Extra Doctrines”; those that are divisive and hurt Christians. It also signifies too much emphasis on particular doctrines. I’m sure you have listened to preachers who preach the same thing all the time as if it is the only message that people need to hear.
  5. Cannot have a Broken Foot: This is talking about not being able to walk with God! This is talking about a Minister that has been “hurt” in their Ministry and it won’t heal! They cannot share their pulpit because they cannot trust anyone else or because he feels that he has the “true message” and everyone else is wrong. This is addressing the Minister who walks alone and is not connected with others. A person like that lacks “balance”.
  6. Cannot have a Broken Hand: It is with the hand that a person touches someone else. So, this means that this Minister cannot minister effectively to the Body of Christ. The hand should be able to touch every part of the body but this minister is unable to that. The hand also protects the body. If something is thrown at you it is your hand that automatically goes up to protect your body. These Ministers do not do that. They are not interested in protecting the Body of Christ… they are more interested in themselves. This minister wants to have everything “handed” to them. This minister thinks of himself more highly than they ought to! This also addresses those ministers who are full of self-pity rather than compassion!
  7. Cannot be a “Hunchback”: A person with a “hunchback” has a crooked spine. This is addressing ministers who lack the “backbone” to stand up for the Gospel but are full of compromises and preach what people like to hear rather than what they need to hear. They cannot stand for truth in either Faith – Biblical Doctrine or Morals – Conduct and Character.
  8. Cannot be a Dwarf: This means that a spiritual Priest must be “fully grown.” These are people who “when they should be teaching others they need to be taught all over the elementary principals of the Kingdom”.
  9. Their “Eye” can have no blemish: This is speaking about a continual emission from the eyes or a cataract i.e. “blurred vision.” This is not blindness, this is something else. We see it in 1 Corinthians 12:21 “The eye cannot say… I have no need of thee.” Some Ministers feel that they “know it all” and don’t have any need for others to speak into their lives. They will say: “God shows me all I need to know.” This is “blurred vision”! These are people with “spiritual cataracts”! A cataract is a film “covering over the eye” and it does not let light in. The eye is supposed to be a part of the body that needs to allow “light” in so the “whole body will be filled with light.
  10. Cannot have Scurvy: This is talking about a skin problem that causes a person to scratch all the time. Scurvy is caused by a vitamin C deficiency. Sailors used to get it because they had no fresh fruit or vegetables on board. All they had was canned food and salted meat or fish. This is speaking of “Canned Sermons”. Continuous scratching speaks of never being satisfied. This is also addressing the minister who is always “itching” for something new. They get caught up in fads and the “latest New Thing” that God s supposedly doing.
  11. Cannot be covered with Scabs: This is talking about running sores; wounds that don’t heal and that means Unforgiveness. This bad attitude “bleeds” into everything the Minister does. These “scabs” or “running sores” are also called “putrid” or “stinking” sores. To true Men and Women of God this unforgiveness is a spiritual stench. These ministers will not allow God to heal them of their hurts and so they “lick their wounds” like a dog.
  12. Cannot have “Broken Stones”: This is talking about “spiritual impotence”. This speaks of a minister who may be educated, eloquent and may even be a polished speaker but their sermons do not produce life in others. They may arouse people’s emotions or even stir the intellectual thinking of others but their spiritual impotence and self importance destroy spiritual life rather than create it.

We need a revival of Faith and Morals in the Body of Christ.

We need men and women of God who are Mature speaking “the Whole Counsel of God”.

We need men and women of God who are more concerned with the Body of Christ than with their own success!

These two prerequisites of Maturity and Bringing the Word of God to Christ’s virgin bride are so important. And, every man and woman of God must take the words of the Apostle Paul to heart:

2 Corinthians 13:5 (NKJV)

Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves.

Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? –unless indeed you are disqualified.”

So in order for Believers to FUNCTION as Kings and Priests in the world today they must examine their own lives and make sure that they are not “disqualified”… a sober warning indeed. Without doing that ministers run the risk of hearing those dreadful words of Jesus:

Luke 13:27 (NKJV)

“But He will say, ‘I tell you I do not know you, where you are from.

Depart from Me, all you workers of iniquity.’”

The Lord is calling for the Church to be a “Holy Nation” a “Royal Priesthood”. When we examine ourselves and function that way we will find that we are also “a Chosen Generation” who will be those who “know their God and do exploits”! (Daniel 11:32)




August 18, 2016



Apostle Frank Dupree, Kings and Priests, Royal Priesthood