The Melchidezek Priesthood

The Melchidezek Priesthood

Something new is taking place in the Church. The revelation of who we are supposed to be is getting clearer. The insights of the Prophets are being demonstrated by the Apostles. The Teachers are building on the Foundation that the Apostles and Prophets have put down. Pastors are not just feeding sheep but building them up into Disciples. And, Evangelists are bringing people to Christ and not themselves!

We are called to be like Jesus and He was a “Priest after the Order of Melchizedek”.

Read Psalms 110:1-4 

Hebrews chapter 7 tells us about Melchizedec. He was the King of Salem and he was also a Priest of the most high God. Abraham tithed to him.

In the OT there was the “Order of Aaron” but now we have the Order of Melchizedek.

The writer to the Hebrews tells us that Jesus instituted a “New Order” of Priesthood.

Why was the change necessary?

One reason for the change is that Melchizedek was both a “King” and a “Priest”. In the Old Testament there was one king and many priests.

Read Revelation 5:9-10 

Christ has instituted a New Order of Priesthood of which he is the High Priest and we are called to become Priests.

All of those who served God at the Tabernacle were of the family of Levi and all of the Priests were of one branch of that family; that of Aaron and Moses his brother.

So we see one family chosen to serve God as High Priest, Priests and Levites. But, Aaron was not a King… he could not “rule” on the Earth.

Jesus is the “King of Kings” and the Father of all who fulfill Hebrews 7:1-2 and Revelation 5:9-10

Those who are called to be Kings and Priests after the Order of Melchizedek.

Christ is calling every believer into a position of both Authority as Kings and Service as Priests.

This is not an automatic thing however. Remember, “Many are called; few are chosen”.

Here is what this call is really all about

Revelation 5:10bAnd hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.

Jesus changed the Order so we can be both Kings and Priests who will Worship and Reign with Him!

The Restoration of All Things

In Acts 3:21   Jesus must REMAIN IN HEAVEN UNTILthe times of restoration of all things…”

The Fivefold Ministry, the Gifts of the Spirit have been restored and the Fruit of the Spirit is now being cherished as paramount in every believer’s life.

The Church is now moving into Full Restoration.

A major part of this is that Jesus’ enemies must “become His footstool”.

How will the enemies of Jesus become His footstool?

Those who begin to walk in the Dominion of a King and with Kingly Authority will place them there!

In this prelude to the Days of Dominion that the Church is to walk in we have seen the Priesthood of the Believer restored and the Presence of God has been restored to the Church.

We now Worship with Spirit filled songs and we see the Dance with Flags and Banners restored. The Church is starting to be: “awesome as an army with banners”

What’s next? The Genesis Mandate must be fulfilled!

Believers must be brought into Kingship so we can begin to reign on the earth and place Jesus’ enemies under His feet.

Read Genesis 1:28

It is only through Servant Leadership that Believers will ever do the “exploits” that the Prophet Daniel spoke of.

Only the “meek and humble” will wield the Authority of Kings!

This is more than getting more stuff!

We are called to the highest calling there is!

We are to let go of everything so we can apprehend this calling that Christ has called us to!

True Priesthood is that which goes behind the veil and comes out with a Kingly Strategy to exercise Dominion in the world.

Any “priesthood” that does not do that is only “mystical”! God is not looking for mystics he is looking for Priests!

Kings have money, riches & power over territories, regions, cities, people groups.

Do you want to become a Kings and Priest?

Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Church…

The same voice that called out to the Church saying “Come and worship Me” is now calling out “Come War with Me!”

The same voice that cried out “Come into my Secret Chambers” is now crying out “Come onto my Battle Field”.

You are, like Jesus, called to be “A Priest forever after the Order of Melchizedek”. Pick up the Mantle of King Jesus and walk in Dominion!


September 13, 2016


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