Manifested Sons of God

Manifested Sons of God

Daniel 11:32 (KJV)   …but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.


Who are these people who “Know their God”?

Romans 8:14-23 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons (Sons… not Children) of God. 15  For you did not receive the spirit of slavery (bondage) to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons (Sonship), by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” 16 The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 17 and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him.

18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. 19 For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the Sons of God.

20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope 21 that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

22 For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. 23  And we believers also groan, even though we have the Holy Spirit within us as a foretaste of future glory, for we long for our bodies to be released from sin and suffering. We, too, wait with eager hope for the day when God will give us our full rights as his adopted ones, including the new bodies he has promised us.


The Sons of God will be The Mature Ones who Manifest Christ and do Exploits…


There is a principle that I want to use to talk about the Sons of God… it is “First the natural…”


1 Corinthians 15:45-49 “And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit. Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural; and afterward that which is spiritual. The first man is of the earth, earthy: the second man is the Lord from heaven. As is the earthy, such are they also that are earthy: and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly. And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.”


So, in the Natural World man wanted to fly… to go into the heavens… to be like “the angels”… the first “Sons of God”…


  • Michelangelo: He talked about flying machines and everyone laughed at him. They said: “It’s not God’s will for man to fly. You’re just a dreamer. Man was made of the earth and he will always be earthly and earthbound. They kept him making statues and painting, etc.


  • The Wright Brothers: Same thing! Ha! Ha! But those two dreamers flew!


  • Faster Planes: When planes began to reach the “Wall of Sound” or “Sound Barrier” they shook like crazy!!! Nuts and bolts fell off and they broke up into pieces. Pilots died in those early crafts. The new argument was that man was going too fast now and it was not God’s will for them to do so.


  • The Sound Barrier Broken: With study, hard work and daring pilots broke the sound barrier in 1947. When the barrier was broken a giant sonic boom was heard and felt all around. The disturbed the earthbound people because it broke glasses and shook houses and was just too noisy!


  • Passenger Planes: These became common and many people have now flown.


  • Rocket Technology: These have taken mankind into outer space. The doubters still said it was “not God’s will”. The greatest problem they had was the need for a “concentrated fuel”. With great effort they got it!


  • Re-entry of Rockets: This was a great problem for the rockets would burn up upon re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. The answer was in special heat resistant tiles that would cover the rockets.


  • Space Stations: These were a dream 35 years ago but today they are being built. They will enable men to stay in space longer and there is the dream of colonizing other planets! Same argument: “It’s not God’s will”.


Now the Spiritual…


Men still want to be like the first “Sons of God”… the Angels of Heaven…


I believe that we can rise up above our carnal nature and walk in the spirit with the greater Anointing of Glory. I believe that we can enter the heavenlies as the mature sons of God.


I believe that we can live according to the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ. The argument is still the same: “You’re a dreamer. Ha! Ha! It’s impossible”.


  • We can be like Jesus: We can walk in the anointing every day. Some say “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven” but the Word of God says that we are no longer sinners, we are saints and “If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the ” Galatians 5:25


  • Some have pressed in: Luther, Wesley, Finney, etc. These had great anointings!


  • Baptized in the Spirit: We have begun to “fly” in the heavenlies in tongues!


  • Breaking barriers: Shaking, falling down, etc. We can “re-tool” our purpose… we are anointed not for laughter but for service through the anointing. Laughter, etc. is a side effect!


  • Passenger Planes: He has poured out His Spirit on “all flesh” and many now speak in tongues all the time!


  • Spiritual Rockets? Gravity was their greatest enemy but a concentrated fuel got them flying. The carnal nature that weighs us down and keeps us earthbound is ours but we can receive a greater concentration of God’s Power… an Anointing of Glory!


  • Re-entry? When the Anointing of Glory lifts off of us and we “re-enter” the normal world we need special “tiles of humility” to keep us from burning up with pride! 1 Peter 5:5 Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resists the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.


  • Space Stations? True maturity… By walking in the greater Anointing of Glory we can become the Sons of God without rebuke in a crooked and perverse world! Philippians 2:15



Philippians 3:13         “…forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.


This is the high or “upward” calling of God in Christ! To reach for this prize is our goal!

And so I want to say Ha! Ha! to you devil! Through Jesus Christ, I can do all things!

I’m forgetting the past and I’m pressing onward towards the prize of the “upward” call of God in Christ Jesus!

I believe that we can do exploits in His Name and do even greater works than anyone has done before!


You know there are usually three types of people in the Church:

  1. Those who lack “tiles of humility”. So although they get up into the heavenly realms of tongues, prophecy, healings and even miracles they lack the humility to be an example of Christ!
  2. Those who are too lazy to press into the Kingdom of God. They look at those who lack humility and use them as an excuse for their own laziness. They say: “I don’t want to be like those hypocrites who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.”
  3. Those who are humble and usually pushed aside by those without humility. These people need to be shown that they can press in too!


You can be like Zacchaeus up in the tree or like the woman with the issue of blood! You can walk in an Anointing of Glory and still have what it takes to walk humbly before our God and “Do Exploits”!!!

Do you want to press in?

Do you believe you’re destined to be a Mature Son of God and not just a child of God?

Come up here and get the Anointing of Glory that will break through the pride that keeps you from leaving a legacy for God!

Come on up and get the Anointing of Glory!


March 8, 2019


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