Fivefold Ministry

By Bishop Frank Duprée

Ephesians 4:7-11    Every person in the Body of Christ has received grace for some aspect of the 5 giftings. We see this in the gift of prophecy and the Prophet. It also applies to the apostolic anointing and the Apostle, the pastoral anointing and the pastor, etc.

The key to understanding Fivefold Ministry is


The title is there to describe the function…

Our hand serves as an example for the Fivefold Ministry too:

  1. The Thumb represents the Apostle: The thumb touches all others and it enables us to grip.
  2. The Forefinger represents the Prophet: It points…
  3. The Middle finger represents the Evangelist: it is the furthest reaching
  4. The Ring finger represents the Pastor: married to the sheep he is always with them
  5. The Pinky represents the Teacher: this finger is the one that gives balance to the hand

The Apostle Governs:

He is like the Heart revealing compassion & strategy for advancing the Kingdom

The Prophet Guides:

He is like the Mouth communicating guidance

The Teacher Grounds:

He has the Mind of Christ to bring wisdom and understanding

The Evangelist Gathers:

These are the Hands that are always reaching out to souls

The Pastor Guards:

These are the Feet leading the sheep to pasture and the paths of righteousness

Apostles and Prophets lay the foundation of the house. The Teacher builds on that foundation with the stones the Evangelist gathers and then, the Pastors cares for the house. Of course, the “house” means the people of God.

The Apostle “Governs” or oversees the House bringing vision, order and government. They develop leaders and raises up “sons in the Gospel”. The Apostle is also “Godward” and ministers to Him. As they do they receive vision and then they go and plow the ground.

The Prophet “Guides” and administrates in the House. He/she declares and confirms vision for the house and facilities. They bring direction and counsel and have a “watchman on the wall” or “crows nest” ministry.

The Teacher “Grounds” and equips the saints through their gifted teaching ability. They bring balance to the vision of the house. Teachers do this as they reemphasize the vision of the House and balance it with the Word. They also use their gift to break up the fallow ground.

The Evangelist “Gathers” by training workers who become witnesses. They also gather and sows the seeds of the Gospel.

The Pastors “Guards” the House, caring for the people overseeing visitation, etc. They are concerned with the everyday aspects of the community of faith. The Pastors guard by example leading the prayer and care ministries and harvests the crop.

Are they all Equal?

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are, without a doubt, co-equal, co-eternal, etc. But in this world the wisdom of God is demonstrated “order” and “government”.

The Father is primary, the Son second and the Holy Spirit third.

Jesus said: “I only do what I see my Father doing…” and again; “the Son can do nothing of himself…” and again; “no one comes to me except the Father draw him…” Here Jesus shows us the primacy of The Father.

Then He say concerning the Holy Spirit; “He will not speak of Himself but will reveal me…”, etc. So, although there is EQUALITY among the members of the Godhead there is also ORDER and Divine Government.

We also see this aspect in the Fivefold Ministry:

1 Corinthians 12:28    “And God hath set in the Church, firstly Apostles, secondly Prophets, thirdly Teachers, after that…”

The Apostle is primary, the Prophet secondary and the Teacher is third. All are equal in the fact that each one is a member in the Body of Christ but there is “order” and “government” in the ministries also. The Apostle is guarded by the other four because his anointing is the “primary” anointing. Look for the message on “The Primary Anointing”.



December 16, 2015