Faith is Relational!

Faith is Relational!

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen”…

Another way to say that is: “Faith is the Title Deed of the things not seen”.

You could also say that “Faith is the Assurance that we have the things we do not see”.

Being Assured of something is to be “Convinced” of it!

That’s not merely believing… Believing is in the mind… it is “mental assent”.

Assurance and Conviction are what Faith is all about and they are in the heart!


Mark 11:24 (KJV) Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Because the King James Version is so antiquated we have to find out what the Original Greek said and then put it into language we understand.

Jesus was saying: “Whatever your desires are, if you have received them into your heart when you pray, you can be sure you will have them”.

So, there’s much more to this than what meets the eye!

He is talking about the Spirit Realm…

He didn’t say: “Whatever you want when you pray, if you try real hard to believe in your head that you’ve got it, you’ll get it”! That’s “make believe”!

Can you see how the essence of Hebrews 11:1 is actually within Mark 11:24?

Faith is a “Spiritual Substance” that is received in the heart and when it is placed there by God when we pray we have all the “Evidence” we need! It’s like being given the Title Deed to a house that we have not seen! We know the Giver of the Title Deed is Trustworthy and would not deceive us and so we “know” in our heart that we “own” that property! It’s ours even though we have not seen it yet!

We have just looked at another aspect of this… It is “Authority”…

God’s Word is the Authority for Faith! God is True and His Word is Truth and so we can accept it exactly as it is.

Let’s suppose you had a rich uncle but you were never close to him. When he died you might hope to get something in the will but you have no basis to believe you would.

If you heard him say once that he might leave something to those relatives whom he wasn’t close to but he wasn’t sure if he would you’d have no real basis to expect you’d receive anything either.

But, if you had a good relationship with him and he told you that when he died you were going to get a large inheritance from him. If he told you that he already put that in his will you wouldn’t wonder about getting an inheritance… you wouldn’t be hoping for something… No, you’d believe his word and know that you were remembered in his will! That inheritance was not just money… it was a part of him that he left behind for you!

That rich uncle promised you an inheritance based upon your relationship with him. He made that clear… Your inheritance was based on your relationship… It was love that produced it.

The New Testament is the Last Will and Testament of Jesus and there are wonderful promises made to us in it! Peter calls them “Great and Precious promises!”

The way we find out about them is by getting to know Jesus though His Word… Just like knowing that rich uncle gave you the assurance that you had an inheritance, knowing Jesus is what gives you that same thing.

You spent time with that uncle… you talked to each other and got to know each other and every day that you spent together made a stronger bond and created more assurance in your heart for the future. You had in your heart the inheritance you did not yet have in your hand… Even though you’d never seen it… you knew it was yours!

It’s the same with Jesus!

You need to spend time with Him. You need to talk to Him. You do that by reading His Word and getting to know Him in it. Jesus IS the Word of God in human form…

As you spend time with Him and read His Word your relationship with Him will grow. You will understand more of His Last Will and Testament and you will begin to find that the Great and Precious Promises in The Word are YOURS!

You will absorb Truth with your Mind and as you battle against human reasoning, doubt and the other enemies of Faith you will find that your heart will open to Faith more and more.

Then, as you pray for those things you desire you will find that Jesus deposits Faith in your heart as you pray and you KNOW that you have them even before you ever see them.

You have complete Assurance for what He has placed in your heart…

You are Convinced and nothing will shake that Confidence in His Word and the Faith that’s in your heart!

That’s because you now have that “Spiritual Substance” that is so elusive to others… that Substance that the mind cannot contain because it is “Spiritual” and not “natural”…

And, you will have this Faith in you heart because you built a Relationship with Jesus!

You see, Faith is Relational…


June 6, 2017



Dupree, Faith