The Apostolic Leadership Team

The Apostolic Leadership Team

Jesus did not appoint 12 “Pastors” but 12 Apostles

They were to carry His message into the next generation! They did this because Jesus imparted a pioneering spirit to them. Pastors and Administrators do not have a “pioneering” spirit! We need Pastors and Administrators but they are never to have the preeminence among us! That position belongs to the Apostles… “Firstly Apostles”!


Apostles need to train up Pastors with administrative gifting and ability to care for the work. A Pastoral anointing is one that cares for and feeds the flock. It is one of the Fivefold Ministries but without the Apostolic anointing in the Pulpit a church cannot reach its potential. So, Apostles need to raise up “sons”, other Apostles who will carry on the pioneering aspect of the work when they are gone. In the Early Church the Fivefold Ministers were all “Apostolic” because they were raised up by the Apostle in the Doctrine and the Methodology of the Apostles, as all they knew.


But once the effect of the “Romanization” of the Church was complete there were no more Apostles bringing their “impartation” to the leaders of the Churches. It had become “religious” instead of relational. After the “Romanization” of the Church during the Protestant Reformation, Pastors became the most important people in the Church.


God had set “The Apostles first” (1Corinthians 12:28) because they were to be the men who shaped the Ministry after the way Jesus had done. They were to carry that on throughout all the years but as they were martyred and eliminated the Church no longer had the role models that it needed to stay Apostolic. We have to thank The Lord that He has restored the Apostles to the Church and that their influence is once again impacting the Leaders of the Local Churches and their ability to Advance the Kingdom of God His way.


That is why today, God is calling His Set Men to take on more of an Apostolic Role rather than to continue in the “Pastoral role” that they have been ministering in.


Moses is an example of a frustrated Apostle.

He was trying very hard to be “pastoral” after being Apostolic and leading the people out of bondage. He sat everyday listening to their complaints and problems. They we never satisfied! He was trying to get them into Canaan but just couldn’t seem to get them there! He finally got so frustrated that he prayed; “God, please kill me. I can’t take it any longer!” What a sad testimony!


This Apostle got stuck with a “Pastoral, Administrative” spirit and it frustrated him so much he even missed the Promised Land himself! His father-in-law, Jethro, came and showed him how to get in the proper position and that enabled Moses to, once again, be the man he was supposed to be and he led the people properly once again.


Functions of the Apostolic Set Man or Bishop:

The Set Man must be Godward & carry the “burden of The Lord”. Moses had been trying to please the people and in doing so he was wearing himself out and, worse than that, he was not pleasing The Lord.


The Set Man must create an Apostolic Fivefold Ministry Leadership Team.

He must Train and then Activate them to be “Equippers” so do not perform in the usual “maintenance mentality” that most Church Leaders function in. They must work together helping the members mature and discover their gifts so they can find their place in the Body and do “the work of the ministry”.


The Set Man and the Leadership Team can work together to renew the minds of believers and help them change their lifestyles. Most Pastors today try to keep their Churches warm and fuzzy but Apostles are more interested in transforming them into Overcomers so the trials of life won’t discourage them. Today Pastors center on the people and their needs while the Set Man must center on God’s call and His purposes for the Church.


The Set Man’s primary concern must be to meet “the root needs” of people and not their “felt needs”. Pastors today feed the people to put on weight. In other words, they do their best to make the members feel good and be comfortable.


That’s why most Pastors perform “bless me” services where they try to meet their peoples’ “felt needs”.


The Set Man must make a righteous demand of the people to become “doers of the Word and not hearers only”. The Set Man and the Leadership Team must help people become what they are capable of becoming and to do what they are capable of doing. The Set Man and the Leadership Team need to minister to the people in a way that they will build up spiritual muscles and not just put on weight.


And to be an Apostolic Church the Set Man and the Leadership Team must develop the corporate identity of the Church so everyone moves forward Advancing the Kingdom of God. This is why it is so important for the “Way of Jesus and the Apostles” to be restored to the Church.



The Set Man must create an Apostolic Leadership Team of Fivefold Ministers.

Here are 5 steps to doing that:

  1. Identify     The anointing identifies the ministry gift
  2. Affirm      The gift is confirmed in the persons spirit
  3. Impart      An impartation is given by the laying on of hands
  4. Activate    The gift is activated through prayer and prophetic utterance
  5. Release     The person is released into their ministry

When the Church is led by an Apostle who has created an Apostolic Leadership Team “The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”!


July 28, 2016



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