Antidote for Doubt

Antidote for Doubt

Luke 21:33 Jesus said; “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away!”

I want to talk to you today about God’s Eternal Word and what that means to us in our everyday lives. No one can tell what life is going to throw at them… like the old song says: “Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share”. We all go through things but some of us go through better than others! Have you seen that to be true

There’s a saying that goes like this: “Seeing is believing”… Thomas the Apostle could have made that up! What he said about Jesus being resurrected was: “I won’t believe unless I see the nail prints in his hands and put my hand in the wound in his side.” That’s like the original “Seeing is believing”.

But the Bible tells us something different about seeing and believing. You see, there is a Natural World and there is a Spiritual World. We are used to the natural world because we’ve grown up in it. But, these two worlds interact with each other all the time and to us the natural world is the more “real” of the two!

Listen to what the Apostle Paul says about that in 2 Corinthians 4:18 where he is talking about trials and troubles that he is going through “…we do not look at what we see but at what we cannot see; for what we see is temporary, but what we cannot see is eternal.”

So, in the midst of trials Paul is not looking at them but he is looking at what cannot be seen with the natural eye but he is focused on the Word of God even though he cannot see it!

When we go through trials, when things are really bad, we have to rely of God’s Word in spite of what we see!

You might be going through something right now that might be so bad that it seems impossible that it could ever be better…

Let’s look at a Bible man and see how he dealt with a situation that, in the natural world, was impossible.

Genesis 17:1-3 “And when Abram was ninety nine years old the LORD appeared to him, and said: I am El Shaddai; Almighty God. Walk before me, and be thou blameless. And I will make my covenant between you and me and I will give you countless descendants. And Abram fell on his face”.

I want to highlight that Abram fell on his face and worshipped God here.

Now we have to go to Genesis 17:15-17 And God said unto Abraham, As for Sarai thy wife, thou shalt not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall her name be. And I will bless her, and she will bear your son. I will surely bless her, and she shall be a mother of nations; kings of people shall be of her. Then Abraham fell upon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart, Shall a child be born unto him that is an hundred years old? And shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear a son?

So God is speaking with Abram and at first he falls on his face and worships and then when God tells him that Sarah is going to have a son he falls on his face and laughs!!!

What a relationship Abram had with God! Truly, he was a “friend of God”!

But, let’s continue… After this visit from God a month or two later God returns visits Abraham again:

Genesis 18:10-14 And he said to Abraham: ‘I will certainly return unto visit you in nine months and Sarah your wife shall have a son. And Sarah heard it in the tent door, which was behind him. Now Abraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age; and it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women. Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, ‘After I have grown so old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also? And the LORD said unto Abraham, Wherefore did Sarah laugh, saying, Will I really bear a child when I am too old have one? Is anything too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

God told Abraham that there is nothing too hard for Him to do!

There’s nothing too hard for God to do in your life either!

And, now we go to the New Testament and let’s see how the Apostle Paul breaks it down..

Romans 4:18-21 Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping —believing that he would become the father of many nations. For God had said to him, “That’s how many descendants you will have!” He didn’t weaken in faith when he thought about his own body (which was already as good as dead now that he was almost a hundred years old) or about Sarah’s inability to have children. Abraham never wavered (he staggered not) at the promise of God. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God because he became absolutely convinced that God would do what he had promised.

We see the word “Waver” or “Stagger” which is the Greek word: “Diakrino”. This means to think through or rationalize.

This is a word that was be used in the Greek Court where a judge had to look at all the evidence and “think it through” and “rationalize” everything.

So, when we look at this we can see that actually, the biggest problem we have is not the thing we’re going through but believing God in the middle of it!

We look at our circumstances… We see all the evidence and then we rationalize everything and we pass judgment on the situation and say things like:

“It’s never going to change”

“It’s never going to get better”.

“I’ll never get out of this”

Do you realize that rationalizing our circumstances always causes us to DOUBT!

We doubt because we are only looking at the Natural World… We are forgetting about the Spiritual World and God’s Word!

When you are in a trial you are in a spiritual battle! The natural is pitted against the spiritual and if you stick with “Seeing is believing” you will lose that battle!

But, if you “look at the invisible things of God” you will be victorious!

Matthew 14:31 Peter sunk in the water… Jesus said “oh ye of little faith, why did you DOUBT?”

This is the word distazo. It is from two words;



This is to have faith and fear/unbelief

To have faith in God and faith in the natural

It is a battle in your mind between the natural and the supernatural!

Once you start to rationalize your circumstances you begin to “lean on your own understanding” and you sink!

When Moses brought the people to the Mountain of God he said to them: “Why are you stuck between two opinions? If The Lord is God then worship Him; if He is not then do whatever you want to do.”

Doubt’s antidote is the word of God 

Peter should have kept “Looking unto Jesus; The Author and Finisher of our Faith”

Jesus and the Word of God are one…

Look at the Word!

The Word of God is Doubt’s Antidote

It makes our minds unchangeable!





May 26, 2016



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