The Apostolic Leadership Team

Jesus did not appoint 12 “Pastors” but 12 Apostles… They were to carry His message into the next generation! They did this because Jesus imparted a pioneering spirit to them. Pastors and Administrators do not have a “pioneering” spirit! We need Pastors and Administrators but they are never...

Apostolic Relationships

Why should Apostles concentrate on Relationships?

Jesus ministered to large crowds and had a tremendous healing ministry BUT he never discipled the crowds.

Jesus did his most important working with people “one on one” and in “small groups”. This is where he reproduced himself.

While he was working in the healing ministry he cleansed 10 lepers but only one came back to thank him.

While he was discipling his primary small group he worked with 12 people. 11 became great leaders and only 1 fell away…

What had the better results? Healing ministry or Discipling ministry?

What motivates people to seek a healing ministry?

  • Pride? Power? Fame? Money?

Many time Ministers start out caring about people but that is often forgotten once Pride starts to swell because of their Power, Fame and the Money they start to see.