Jump Starting Your Faith

Jump Starting Your Faith

Did you ever have to get a “jump start” for your car because your battery was dead or too weak to start your car by itself?

I’ve tried to jump start a car with a good battery but it would not work because it was not big enough; did not have enough power (volts), to jump start the other one.

I’ve also tried with a battery that was old and too worn out to do the job.

And again, I’ve tried it with a battery that was strong enough and fresh enough to do it and it started the other car immediately!

So what do you need to “jump start” a car?

You need a battery that is strong  and fresh enough for the job and then you connect the two together via cables. Voila! Your car starts!

Now, let’s relate this to FAITH!

If you are in a position where doubt has sapped your faith then you may have…

No Faith

Little Faith

Or Almost Enough Faith

If that’s the case then you need to “Jump Start” your Faith! You need someone to lay hands on you!

Laying Hands on someone is like connecting two batteries together for a jump start!

You don’t want to have someone lay hands on you if all they have is “yesterday’s faith” because their faith is worn out and won’t get the job done.

You don’t want to have someone lay hands on if their faith is less than enough either… They won’t have the power necessary to jump start your faith either.

You want to have someone lay hands on you whose faith is active… current… today’s faith! And you want their faith to be greater than yours too!

When you go to a person like that and they lay hands on you then your faith is activated and you get done the job done!

Make sure that you’re in a Fellowship where those who lead don’t depend on yesterdays faith or lack faith to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God!

Where you go to Church has a direct correlation to your level of Faith… The right Leadership will always give you a boost; just like jumper cables do!


Frank Dupree
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