Jesus Declared War!

Jesus Declared War!

Jesus made a “Declaration of War” against Satan’s kingdom and the Church needs Apostolic Leaders today to carry it out!

In Ephesians 4:11 Paul mentions what we call “The Fivefold Ministry”; “And He gave some Apostles, some Prophets, some Evangelists, some Pastors and Teachers.” The Pastoral Gift is one of the Fivefold Ministry gifts and is vital to the health of the Local Church. I firmly believe in the Pastoral Gift but I believe that The Lord is calling the Leadership of the Church to more of an Apostolic Role.

The role of an Apostle is to “Advance the Kingdom of God” while the role of a Pastor is more like that of a “Care Giver”. The two are not mutually exclusive BUT there are some major differences between them.

If you look at the military we will see a perfect example of these two people:

The General

The Medic

The General is concerned with troop movements, enemy lines, communications, weaponry and supplies and advancing his Army to attack the enemy while the Medic is primarily concerned with the caring for the wounded. Both men are on the same “team” but they have very different priorities:

The Apostle’s priorities are aimed at Attacking the Gates of Hell

The Pastor’s priorities are related to caring for people’s needs

In our Churches today those Ministers whom we call Pastor are being called to shift towards an Apostolic leadership style so the Church can Advance the Kingdom of God. This will cause a shift in the minds of believers to change their lifestyle. As Pastors shift to Apostolic Leadership the Members will be “equipped for the work of ministry” and they will see themselves as “The Army of God” moving forward and taking ground.

This is why Jesus “Ordained” the Twelve to be “Apostles”. He was Declaring War on Satan’s kingdom and placing His Generals in charge of His Army!

Frank Dupree
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