Eagle Saints Arise!

Eagle Saints Arise!

There are two birds in the Word that are likened to People in the Bible; The “Greater Eagle” and the “Lesser Eagle”. The Greater Eagle is a “true” Eagle while the other is really a Vulture.

The Lord uses the Greater Eagle to describe Himself. In Deuteronomy 32 verses 10-13 He says that He found Jacob in a Desert a “howling wilderness”, and then took him and carried him on His Wings to Canaan riding on the “High Places” of the Earth. The “High Places” are home to an Eagle They are the kind of places the Eagle likes to build its nest. They are way up in the tops of mountains where no other bird can fly to. The Greater Eagle is an eater of living food. It will never eat carrion. An Eagle would rather die before doing that.

But the Lesser Eagle, the Vulture, is just the opposite. It will never build its nest up in the “High Places”. It builds its nest down low where it can feed on dead meat. It is not a hunter but a scavenger. It never kills it’s own food. It eats the refuse of other animals or it will spot a dying animal and just wait until it dies. Then It will have a meal. God never likens Himself to that kind of creature!

There are some Saints that are just like Vultures. They eat the “Dead Letter” of The Word instead of enjoying the thrill of flying high into the Word and finding some Living Words to feast upon. Vultures are unclean. They are rightly called Lesser Eagles. Vultures are always hanging around “Dead Issues” too. They never delight their souls in finding “Honey in the Rock” or “Revelations” which God can “Renew their Strength” with.

Jesus said that we are like Eagles. Are you a Greater Eagle or a Lesser Eagle?

I am reminded of the 10 Virgins. Five were foolish and ran out of Oil. They did not enter into the joy of their Lord. There is Oil in the “flinty Rock” high the mountains of God’s Word.

If you are like the Greater Eagle then

ARISE and fly Up where you can get you Oil while there is still time…

The hour is late!

Frank Dupree
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