Crossing Your Jordan River

Crossing Your Jordan River

This is a little different than my ususal blog… but I thought you’d like it!

Is Seeing really Believing?

Ecclesiastes 11:4 says:

When you watch the wind you will not sow…

If you consider the clouds you never reap

It’s all about what you see vs what you believe

It’s Faith vs Sight

It’s the Spiritual vs the Natural

Joshua 3:7-17

Notice; it’s Flood Time

And, it’s Harvest Time!

It’s always flood time when it’s your harvest time!

Who had the Faith?


The Priests?

The People?

Joshua had Faith…

The Priests obeyed and saw the Hand of God

The People watched and saw the Hand of God

But it was Joshua’s Faith that Moved the Hand of God!

Can you cross your Jordan River without a Step of Faith?

Remember what Jesus said: “Greater works shall you do…”

When you have a more full revelation more is demanded and more is promised!

Consider Moses and Joshua…

Moses stood before the sea and held up his rod

The wind blew all that night and the waters parted and the ground dried up

Joshua told the Priests to step into the water and stand still

Only after their “Step of Faith” did the waters part and the riverbed dry up!

It was Flood time…

It was the wrong time to cross the River…

Are you waiting for the right time to step out in Faith?

Are you waiting for things to get better before you believe?

Are you watching the wind and considering the clouds?

When we go through tough times we have to rely of God’s Word in spite of what we see and feel!

You might be going through something right now that might be so bad that it seems impossible that it could ever get better…

But listen to me…

The biggest problem you have is not what you’re going through but having Faith in the middle of it!

When we look at circumstances…

When we see all the evidence and then rationalize everything we will say:

“It’s never going to change.”

“It’s never going to happen”.

“I’ll never get out of this.”

Did you know that rationalization always leads to DOUBT?

Did you know it’s always FLOOD TIME when it’s your HARVEST TIME?

We doubt because we are looking at the Natural World…

We are forgetting about the Spiritual World and God’s Word!

When you are in a trial you are in a spiritual battle!

The natural is pitted against the spiritual

If you stick with “Seeing is believing”… You lose!

Matthew 14:31  Peter walked on water and then sank in the water… 

Jesus said “Oh ye of little faith, why did you DOUBT?”

This is the word “distazo

It is from two words – DIS = TWO     STASIS = STANDING  

It means to be stuck between two opinions

In your mind you are battling between the natural and the supernatural!

Once you start to rationalize your circumstances you are “leaning on your own understanding”…

Guess what? You sink!

Your Five natural senses cannot discern (see) spiritual things…

Matthew 14:28-30 

Peter walks on water and then sinks

When Peter sees with the eye of Faith… he walks on water

When Peter doubts… he sinks

Peter became “double minded”

He had one eye on Jesus

And he had one eye on the waves

He felt the Power of God

And he felt the power of the wind. 

Peter should have kept “Looking unto Jesus

In the Natural World you need your 5 Senses to succeed

In the Spiritual World where Miracles take place your Natural Senses are no good to you!

Only your Faith that has value in the Spiritual World

Don’t turn from seeing Jesus to watching the wind!

Don’t turn from God’s Promise to your feelings!

You fight to look with the eyes of faith or Doubt will make you sink

Romans 10:10 tells us we “BELIEVE WITH OUR HEARTS”

You don’t use the 5 natural senses to believe with!

You believe with your heart!

Believing with the eyes is ridiculous…

It like trying to see with your nose or smell with your hands!

In the Natural World…

You feel with your hands

you smell with your nose

you see with your eyes and

you hear with your ears

BUT in the Spiritual World you believe with your heart

God gave us the 5 Natural Senses to use in THIS WORLD…

God gives us FAITH for the SPIRITUAL WORLD!

1 Corinthians 2:14

The natural man cannot accept the things of the Spirit of God because they are spiritually discerned.

So, when your natural mind tells you that what you believe in your heart and possess by Faith cannot be real, why should you believe it?

It’s Jesus or Nothing!

Don’t watch the wind…

Don’t consider the clouds…

Don’t look at the Flood…

It’s Harvest Time!

It’s time to Believe with your heart!

Frank Dupree
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